The Doctor Doesn’t Always Know Best…

So, I have this thing on my face. Well, technically, it’s on the left side of my nose in the crease where your nostril meets your nose. I have had it for a LONG time. At least three or more years now. It’s like dry, flaky skin and kind of red. I genuinely believe it’s eczema. I would scratch it off, slather some cream on it until it looked better, and rock on. Then, it would bleed if I touched it. Blowing my nose with a Kleenex would piss it off and get it going again. The flaky skin started looking more like a scab from bleeding all the time. I noticed it not long after I turned 40 and thought at the time “So, here is another thing going to crap after 40. It’s all downhill from here!” Figured, I should probably get it checked out.

So, in July 2016, I went to the dermatologist. I had never been to one before. She was very friendly and asked if I am concerned about any areas? Where do I begin? “So, I have this freckle here, this wrinkle here, this mole here, and oh yeah, I have this dry skin, a scabby spot here on my nose. What the heck is that? It seems to always bleed if it gets irritated.” She takes a look at it and says “Oh, that might be precancerous, but we can take care of that right now!” She grabs a stainless steel canister of something, turns around, aims it at my nose and fires it off. I was surprised for a second until the burning and stinging began. She explains that she was “freezing” it off. Lady, you are trying to burn my face off, and where the hell is the door cause this HURTS! She finally stops, I am whimpering, and she says “that should take care of it. It will blister and scab, but it should be fine after that.” She then does a shave biopsy of the mole on my right cheek and says she will email me the results in a couple of days. My nose BURNS like the fire of hell. So, I smile, thank her, and practically run out the door.

Two days later, she emails me that the mole on my right cheek was normal. My nose does precisely what she said. It blisters, scabs, and the scab falls off. Looks pretty good for a while. Not long after, its back to its old tricks bleeding and being flakey, so I just deal with it. It’s unsightly, so I continue to use cream to moisturize the area and try to hide it the best I can. It sure beat the hell out of that lady burning me again because as we all know THAT didn’t work.

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